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I’m happy to share a newly published feature plugin that implements #28536: Customizer Browser History. From the readme:

This plugin keeps the Customizer URL in the browser updated with current previewed URL as the url query param and current expanded panel/section/control as autofocus params. This allows for bookmarking and also the ability to reload and return go the same view (which is great for developers). This works best with the Customize Snapshots plugin, which allows allows you to save your Customizer state in a shapshot/changeset with an associated UUID that also gets added to the browser URL in the Customizer.

It doesn’t currently implement back/forward history (pushState and popstate, see #2), but it does implement the key feature of updating the browser’s URL to reflect the current panel/section/control and URL being previewed, allowing you to reload the Customizer after navigating around and be taken back to where you were just before reloading. As I mentioned in the readme, this is extremely helpful for development. See project repo on GitHub.

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  1. This is a true time saver after Customizer reloads that really adds up….I’ve only used it for a day but I’m already so used to it I’m not sure I can do without it. Great job!

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