WordPress AMP Plugin 0.6 Release

WordPress AMP Plugin 0.6

Publish Pages on AMP, preview content before you publish, control what you publish and more!

Automattic, Google and XWP would like to announce version 0.6 for the WordPress AMP Plugin is now available for download or update. The previous releases of the plugin have focused on providing a great experience for development teams to get their sites up to speed with AMP compatibility. We’ve seen a lot of great results from this and are wanting to continue these efforts.

We have heard your requests and needs, and joined forces to guarantee this first round of updates also offer support for requests and new features related to the experience within the plugin itself. This offers website owners more control over what can be done from within their WordPress site.

The 0.6 release focuses on increasing the ease of use of existing features. Below are just a few of the items covered within the release. For a comprehensive overview of all updates/additions made in the 0.6 release please see the 0.6 Beta blog post.

Publish Pages on AMP

Prior to the 0.6 releases the plugin could take your Posts and make them AMP compatible. With the update to 0.6, you can now easily AMPlify your Pages, too.

Watch this short video to see the new functionality in action:

Preview Content Before you Publish

As you create content for your site it’s helpful to be able to preview how that will appear in an AMP mode. In 0.6, you can now preview your Posts and Pages before publishing.

In addition Customizer supports both AMP (and non-AMP) versions of Posts and Pages. You can also navigate your whole site within the Customizer, prior to publishing, to preview the comprehensive experience.

If you visit a page in the preview that contains a feature that isn’t yet compatible with AMP, an warning will appear to notify you that this page isn’t supported yet.

Within this video you will find a complete demonstration of how the new AMP preview functionality works within the Customizer:

Control What you Publish

While not being able to AMPlify content can create a challenge for publishing, users may also want the ability to selectively determine which Pages/Posts are AMPlified within their site. With the 0.6 release you can choose whether or not to AMPlify. As you view your site using the new Preview feature (or are publishing a specific Page/Post), if you want to remove the AMPlification support of a certain Page or Post you can now do so at the granular level.

This video demonstrates how a user is able to disable AMP on a specific page:

What’s next?

The drive to keep enhancing your experience using the WordPress AMP plugin is moving at full steam ahead. Our next Beta Release (v0.7) is scheduled for February where we will be addressing even more features. Together the teams at Automattic, Google, and XWP are working fast and furious to get your wants and needs turned into updates and enhancements. This is just the beginning…

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