AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta2

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Update: v1.0-beta4 is available for beta testing.

It has been a month since AMP plugin v1.0-beta1 was released, and today this is followed up with the v1.0-beta2 release.

What Changed

Changes in this release include:

  1. Add ‘Enable AMP’ toggle in Gutenberg editor; it previously only appeared on in the classic editor. Also fix Gutenberg integrations due to removal of deprecated APIs. (#1275, #1308)
  2. Fix the validation error reporting for the removal of unrecognized elements. This ensures that incorrectly-named AMP component will be reported as errors, and brand new AMP components that the plugin hasn’t been updated to recognize will also be reported. (#1287)
  3. Update spec generation to file revision 675 (amphtml tag 1531357871900). This includes recognition of amp-3d-gltfamp-date-countdownamp-google-document-embedamp-orientation-observeramp-pan-zoom, and amp-yotpo. (#1312)
  4. Improve handling of !important qualifier transformation specificity. (#1320)
  5. Update PHP-CSS-Parser to support CSS calc() and to fix parsing selectors that contain commas. (#1284, #1286)
  6. Preserve whitespace when serializing the DOM as HTML; this prevents whitespace from being added between (inline) elements that can break layouts. (#1309)
  7. Add preload links & resource hints, and optimize order of elements in head (#1295)
  8. Display byte size before amp-custom sources instead of after (for improved readability), and show byte count for styles excluded. (#1318)
  9. Ensure video elements that have source elements with HTTP URLs will get their src converted to HTTPS. (#1274)
  10. Fix sending sanitizer class name in amp_sanitize Server-Timing headers. (#1283)
  11. Add an admin pointer to draw users to the updated AMP settings admin screen. (#1271)
  12. Change the order of template modes in admin interface (#1291)
  13. Opt-in to CORS mode for external font stylesheet links in order to improve behavior with service workers. (#1289)
  14. Improve validation and presentation of analytics form. Client-side validation is now performed on JSON. Also the analytics type can now be entered in mixed-case. (#1299, #1296)
  15. Fix useless AMP validation of auto-drafts; this prevents validation when merely accessing New Post screen. (#1301)
  16. Remove ‘Slug’ metabox from ‘Invalid AMP Page (URL)’ screen, since the slug should be read-only as it is a hash of the URL. (#1307)
  17. Fix including external stylesheets on Windows servers. (#1311)
  18. Support extracting dimensions for single URLs. (#793)

You can also see commits since 1.0-beta1. For a full list of the closed issues and merged pull requests in the 1.0 release cycle so far, see the 1.0 milestone. See also the 1.0 project board for the status what is remaining for the 1.0 release.

For more technical details on the latest changes in 1.0-beta1, please see the wiki pages for Adding Theme Support and Implementing Interactivity.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to test this v0.1-beta2 release of the AMP plugin and provide us with feedback.  To get started:

  1. Please download the pre-release (  Alternatively, you can checkout the 1.0-beta2-built tag from GitHub.
  2. Take it for a drive!

Did you find a bug? Do you have an idea for a feature request? Share it with us by opening an issue on the plugin repository.

Not Quite Ready for Production Yet

As usual, we tested this plugin quite a bit, but this software is still in development. We recommend you not (quite) yet ship this to your production site (although we are using it for ourselves in production).


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