A new season for XWP

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XWP began with a team of extraordinary WordPress developers serving together within X-Team. Four years go, with a 50-site migration for Rogers under their belt, and exciting opportunities on the horizon, this team became XWP: eXtraordinary Works and People.

Led by Tine Haugen (Managing Director) and Weston Ruter (CTO), in just two years XWP grew from a dozen to nearly 50 people (on 5 continents) passionate about exceptional craftsmanship and serving clients and team members with care.

In 2017, our dedication to the WordPress ecosystem and code quality resulted in the launch of Tide. We deepened our focus on building a better web and began a new series of engagements with technology partners like Google, BigCommerce, and Cloudinary, bringing the value of their web technologies to the WordPress community. A new chapter of our journey began.

With this change of season for XWP, we want to express our gratitude to the incredible leaders who guided us to where we are today and wish them the very best in their new season. Tine is exploring new opportunities to build strong, people-centered culture and workplace experience beyond XWP. Weston, who has been serving as Architect in our partnership with Google, is joining Google to expand his work and impact through AMP and other web technologies. (Thierry Muller, Engineering Program Director for our Google Team, is also joining Google as Developer Relations Program Manager.) We’re excited about new opportunities for Tine, Weston, and Thierry and are eager to see how the journey unfolds for them.

Tine and Weston’s legacy is, above all, the amazing team of people, their values, and the culture they were instrumental in creating. Our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship is stronger than ever, and our people continue to care deeply for their teammates, our clients, and our impact.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been preparing the way for a team to carry this legacy to new heights: Mackenzie Hartung leading Delivery, Tonya Mork leading Engineering & UX, Derek Herman leading Technology, Charlie Tranen leading Client Engagement, Jonathan Wold leading Strategy and Business Development, and Arlen Byrd (that’s me) supporting this team and leading XWP. This team will use their combined 40+ years of experience with WordPress and 13+ years with XWP to serve and grow the XWP community.

We move forward focused on bringing high impact web technologies to the WordPress ecosystem, with a strong foundation of craftsmanship and care, and an exceptional team. We continue our pursuit of mastery, together serving our teammates, our clients, and our community. Let’s build a better web!

6 thoughts on “A new season for XWP”

  1. Those are some big changes. Congrats to everyone! I look forward to seeing how this affects XWP and hope it’s only continued success for all.

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